Bringing Spark to the Workplace

Meet Theresa

Theresa Hardy brings her own experiences in a variety of communities and groups as a dynamic consultant. For the past eight years, she has developed and facilitated professional development curriculum and programs in a variety of settings—both virtually and in-person.

Theresa earned her Master of Arts in Information Technology Administrative Management at Central Washington University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Social Science with a minor in Information Technology Administrative Management from the same institution.


Theresa is dedicated to igniting the fire; contributing to individuals tapping into their untapped potential. She is a visionary and leader in social justice and personal development in schools and the workplace. 


Founder & Principal

"In the professional world, I noticed people were not focused on their best selves: their passions, drivers, personal goals, mission, and alignment with the organizational mission. I created Spark Performance to address the opportunities people have to thrive in the workplace."    


Goals for



Personal Alignment with Professional Role

Performance is directly related to people being at their best. 
Passion and motivation
spark when people explore who they are personally and professionally.      

Clients include

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Snapshots of Teamwork
with West Seattle High School Coaches

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