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We offer interactive and engaging activities that allow employees to explore their aspirations, strengths, gifts, and areas of improvement. 


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of clients report an increase in performance and productivity


Case Study

Neighborhood House

  • Goals: 

    • Building community, including with new team members

    • Defining "must haves" for virtual teams to succeed

  • Process:

    • Practicing togetherness and collaboration practices

      • "Solve it together" activity​

      • "Reverse charades" exercise

      • "3x3 / 4x4 word box puzzles" game

    • Self-care definition and practice activity

    • Exploring strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats / challenges specific to the virtual environment

    • Defining virtual environment "must haves"

  • Outcomes:

    • Two departments and new staff coming together virtually to establish community and rapport, with ongoing strategies for success and self-care for optimal participation   

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Activate essential tools, methods, practices, and a platform that will spark the fire to be great and perform at a high level in all aspects of life.

Case Study

West Seattle High School Football Coaches

  • Goals: 

    •  Appreciating leadership styles

    • Sharpening communication

  • Process:

    • Defining leadership together  

    • “Find your match" activity

    • Exploring leadership styles and effective leadership qualities in sports

    • Practicing communication styles

    • "Game plan” activity 

    • Exploring coaching philosophy(ies)

    • Co-creating a collaborative coaching team philosophy

  • Outcomes:

    • 100% improvement in leadership engagement

  • What they loved the most:

    • The team appreciated the physical activities to demonstrate effective ways to communicate with each other. They loved taking away a co-created coaching philosophy for them as a team to best utilize their different leadership styles.